Attractions must to be involved in your Bucket list of London 

Few trips are for lifetime and yes London is a dream destination for every tourist.  While being on trip there is a common tendency amongst tourists to explore maximum of the city as visiting again in this beautiful city is not that economical too. 

While penning down the trip make a bucket list and make sure to involve all following attractions to be able see each and every tourist attraction of the city.


   Here are few must to involve places of London in your tour

  • Have a mind blowing ride on London eye and see the beauty of with your naked eye.
  • Changing of guard ceremony at Buckingham palace - have an experience of the life of royals, their solders and spectacular interiors of palaces.
  • St Paul and St Cathedral – the two historic churches impart an experience of lifetime and facilitate connections with the almighty.
  • 10 Downing Street - visit official residence of Prime minister of UK and you might be lucky one to get the glimpse of him from outside.
  • Shake spear play at Global theatre- Don’t miss his iconic and everlasting stories.
  • Have fun of shopping at Harrods -It is probably the most expensive and luxurious store of London.
  • Madame Tussauds -   watch out for galaxy of stars or celebrities from different corners of the world.
  • Westminster Abbey-witnesses the history of the city by being to the most historic construction of the city.
  • Horse Boxes on white Hall – click your and your families snap with horses at Horse guard for memories of lifetime.

 In addition to above natural museum, national library, west end theatre show, cable car   and many other should be included amongst the various worth watching attractions of   London.

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